Custom Painting Info and Pricing

Due to high volume, the lead time year round is between 4 to 5 months before a custom painting is completed.


The process:

Initially, a down payment of half of the full amount is processed, this includes half of the shipping. After receiving photos of your dog, a "full color" preliminary sketch is painted and sent back to you via email for your approval. At that time you may make any changes within the design that you prefer or review it with different background colors of your choice. Upon your approval of the preliminary design the other half of payment is due, it is then painted to canvas and shipped within the time frame agreement.


There are two different types of paintings, the first consists of oil paint on canvas - finished in a UV protective clear coating. The second version consists of the initial oil painting plus an additional application of automotive metal flake (sparkle), finished in a high gloss resin top coating which magnifies the metal flake and protects the piece in a variety of ways including UV.


Size and Price:   (Additional Dogs add $300 per subject)


Custom Oil on Canvas

16x20 gallery wrapped canvas: $1200

24x30 gallery wrapped canvas: $1800

36x46 gallery wrapped canvas: $2500


The "Metallic Flake Canvas"  is created with automotive metal flake in addition to the initial oil painting using a variety of metal flake colors, it is applied to various color shapes within the subject as well as the entire background of the canvas and finished in a high gloss resin top coating.


Custom Oil on Canvas + Automotive Metal Flake:

16x20  gallery wrapped canvas: $1800

24x30 gallery wrapped canvas:  $2500

36x46 gallery wrapped canvas:  $3500


You may place your order by emailing us at


Please note: After committing to a custom painting and placing your deposit there are no refunds.


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Michael Vistia


Metallic Flake Canvas Example

Note: The video below does not fully show the depth of the automotive metal flake as the colors and sparkle do not entirely translate through photos or video, the effect is washed out by aproximately 60% through the camera eye. It must be viewed in person with the human eye to capture the full effect of this application. This understanding and a  bit of imagination is helpful when viewing the video. This is the best we can show it with the limitations of current video technology.

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