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By Candace T. Botha   (Sarasota Pet Magazine)


Michael Vistia is a nationally rccognized animal artist with numerous accoplishments throughout his life long career. To name a few, his paintings are featured yearly on TV by the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, National Geographic and Fox Sports. He has a long list of happy clients that include Celebrities, Pro Atheletes, Fortune 500 companies and many, many more.


But Michael appreciates the simple way of life ...


Imagine standing before a blank canvas with a paint brush in your hand. You have never taken an art lesson, nor have you had any formal education to learn either the skills needed to mix and blend paints or the strokes that are essential in bringing an image to life. And yet, somehow, standing before that canvas, an innate talent begins to unfold, and the brush expertly glides across the surface as you masterfully create works of art that are admired by many and appreciated by all. And so it is for Michael Vistia, an accomplished, Mid Western born artist, who is the "founder and creator" of this colorful and refreshing style of Painting. When viewing a painting from his ever-evolving collection of art, it is, quite simply, unforgettable. Rich, vibratory colors, bold with fluid black lines, playful in composition and dramatic in interpretation. It is not surprising to see why devotees around the globe have declared that the pieces painted by Michael Vistia have the power to “raise the vibration of any room.”For Michael, his seemingly instinctive skills are anything but. As an ardent believer in “gifts” brought with us from past lives, he is certain that his talent has evolved through many past lifetimes. In this life, however, the talent he has groomed through decades of self-instruction has an added and unmistakable dimension. “Talent,” he says, “is simple". "It’s all about loving what you do and cultivating that love.” For this grounded man who always has been an entrepreneur, who has built a successful and contented life by immersing himself in his art, love is the core of every word spoken and every action taken. “For me", paintings are a bridge to share magical moments with others,” Michael says. “I love interacting with people, and painting has always enabled me to connect and communicate in a way that words alone do not achieve, expressions deep from the heart.” In fact, there isn’t a time in his life that Michael cannot remember using art as a means of communication. “As a young boy, my very first interest was painting,” he remembers. “I started to communicate through drawing, before I even began speaking. "When people see my art, I want them to smile, to feel good and become inspired to create beauty in their own lives, through following one's own excitement anything is possible. "It's not about fame," Michael continues. " It's simply about sharing joyful moments with others!"

"We do not have to wait for Heaven to be surrounded by                           

                                    Love, Hope and Joy -


                   It is here on earth and has Four Legs"



                           Metallic Flake Paintings

This style of painting is created using automotive metal flake and finished in a high gloss clear coating, revealing a magnificent sparkle and an ultra high gloss shine. You may also choose to create your own

color pallet to match your space.

9 Black and White Custom Commissioned Paintings

They look phenomenal, Michael!!!
Simply, perfect.
Thank you so much for such an amazing keepsake - Stacy Rolfe
R&R Mini Horse Rescue Ranch
Visit with Stacy and her wonderful mini rescue horses below:

"Frank"  Custom Painting

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